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Introducing Abby Wine
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Pairs well with people.

Abby Wine creates vintages made to bring friends and family together. Our founder, Abby, made his mark by designing home furnishings that transform homes into places for connecting with those we care about. This is a passion of ours—and it’s the driving force behind the vintages we offer.

“I think of wine as an emotional language. It enriches our time with friends and family; it enhances health and nurtures joy. For me, it’s a true passion to create fine wines that can be shared with those you love.”

– Abby 

Together in Wine

Abby Wine is proud to offer a collection of reds and whites that please the palate and gladden the heart. We’ve carefully crafted each bottle for the most enjoyable sensory experience…and a rewarding emotional one, too.

Crafted by Family, Shared with Friends.

We create wines that serve as the centerpiece for connecting with those we care about. It’s about sharing a bottle as a way of sharing life’s most beautiful moments.

We thrive in making fine wines that enrich experiences and enliven the soul.

The Wines

Aromas of black cherries, nettles, forest floor intermingle with flavors of black plums, cherries and strawberries to create a full bodied experience and a silky mouthfeel and long structured finish. 

A sweet summary California Moscato Blend with low acidity and aromas of orange blossoms and peaches with creamy flavors that give way to a lingering bittersweet finish to create a wonderful balance.

Flavors of Strawberries, notes of lemon zest and a nice balance of mineral notes wrap up this wonderfully pink wine with aromas of cranberry and watermelon to create a rich flavor profile.


Limited Edition Abby Wine Pinot Noir

Our authentically made Abby Wine Pinot Noir is a refreshingly delicate dry wine with hints of lavender, black cherries, and plum laced fruit.